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A slip and fall accident is not always a matter of a bruised ego. Many accidents of this type may seem minor but cause severe injuries like hip and back damage and traumatic brain injuries. The severity of some falls does not even reveal itself for a day or two after a fall, and by then it is possible to lose valuable evidence. Immediate action after a fall helps to keep claims strong and memories clear.

After a Fall

Report the incident to the staff working at the business and ask to speak to a manager. The company should complete an accident report. Ask for a copy of the report and find out if the business has surveillance cameras. Request a copy of the video or have the manager make a note of the existence of a video on the accident report. If too injured to do these steps alone, contact a friend or family member to help. Record the contact information of any witnesses.

After the Report

Request an ambulance or seek medical attention. Do not wait a day or two to see a doctor because minor injuries could become worse. The delay also allows an insurance company to claim the injuries occurred after the fall.

While Receiving Care

The Slip And Fall Injury Attorney Norwich CT accident victims need should receive the case at this point. It may seem too soon to begin this type of action, but early contact enables victims to have an advocate as soon as claims officers begin to make contact.

During the Recovery

The Slip And Fall Injury Attorney Norwich CT clients use will become very useful at this time. Refer any calls about the event to the attorney. Calls may come in from the media, from the insurance company or a lawyer representing the business. Refrain from discussing the incident with anyone, even family and do not make any statements online. Save all receipts, medical notes, and other documentation related to the accident. Follow all the orders of the doctor.

Everyone hopes the insurance company act fairly, and many will treat victims with respect. Unfortunately, many others do all they can to avoid payment. The advice of a legal professional like Stephen M. Reck is vital during the waiting period. To learn more or to find help .