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When people are arrested and put in jail, they will usually call a bail bonding agency to cover the amount of the bond the judge requires. However, a lot of people may not realize all that the bail bonding agency is putting at stake when agreeing to post the bail bond for the defendant. A bail bonding agency that provides to helps defendants get out of jail but wants them to understand all that the bail agency is risking. Here is a brief look at how the process works for the Bail agency.

The Risks to the Bail Bonding Agency

When a person hires a bail bonding agency, usually a premium of 10 to 15 percent is charged for the convenience of getting the person out of jail. The remaining about of the bond set by the judge is paid by the bail bonding agency, so if the defendant fails to show up for the court case, eventually the bail bonding agency becomes responsible for the full amount and will lose it. This is why a bail bonding agent will hire a bail reinforcement agent to find the defendant.

More about the Risks to the Bail Bonding Agency

Bail bonding agencies make their money on the fees charged to the defendant, also called the premium and cannot afford to have a defendant not show up for court. It is also possible that if the agency continues to bail out various clients who are not trustworthy, the agency will lose credibility with the legal system. This is why the defendant must also put up collateral, which will be lost if the defendant does not keep his part of the contract with the agent.

A Bail Bond Agency in Texas

Many and make their services available to the average person in Texas. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is an agency in Saginaw, Texas that provides bail bonding services to defendants and their families, willing to take a chance. If a person is in need of an agent for Bail Bonds in Saginaw TX, the agency is available. The agency is Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.