PIP Not Being Paid?

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Personal Injury Lawyer

PIP is an abbreviation for personal injury protection. It’s a form of car insurance that is offered in a minority of states that include Florida. In some states, PIP is optional. In states like Florida, it’s mandatory. The legislative intent of mandatory PIP insurance is to cover medical expenses and lost earnings resulting from a motor vehicle accident regardless of fault. The required minimum amount of PIP insurance in Florida has been set at $10,000. If you’re in an auto accident that was caused by somebody else, and your medical bills exceed your PIP coverage, you might receive additional compensation from that other person’s insurer.

Take notice that in order to trigger PIP coverage, Florida law requires you to receive medical treatment for the injuries that you suffered in a car accident within 14 days of the date of that accident. Always keep the fact in mind that insurance companies are in the business of cashing premium checks and paying little as possible on claims. That’s how they stay in business. Issues could arise that might result in a PIP payment dispute between you and your insurance company. If there might be a basis for denying full or any PIP coverage at all, you can expect that denial. That’s when you’ll be needing the advice and counsel of a PIP claim lawyer Miami from our offices.

We know how to use legal leverage against stubborn insurance companies to get them to pay. We’ve been successful at it countless times before. If you were in an accident, and your insurance company is only offering to pay significantly reduced PIP benefits or stubbornly refusing to pay any PIP benefits at all, it’s time for you to speak with a PIP claim lawyer Miami from business name We want to know why your bills aren’t being paid.