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A Bail Bond in Upper Marlboro MD generally is a more affordable choice than cash bail for someone trying to get a loved one out of jail. Although the fee for the service is nonrefundable, unlike bail, that fee is substantially lower than having to come up with the full cash bail that the court demands.

Payment Arrangements

Even with this more reasonable amount of money, many people still need some type of payment arrangement for a Bail Bond in Upper Marlboro MD. Financial struggles are common, and not everyone has enough available to get from an ATM. Credit cards usually are accepted by bonding agencies, and many allow the customer to make a down payment and pay off the balance over the next few months. The normal fee for the service is 10 percent of the cash bail.

High Bail Amounts

A surety bond can pay off any amount of bail, but only the wealthy typically can pay the bond fee for very high amounts. They might choose to pay for a bond because they don’t want to tie up a large amount of cash with the court for many months until the case is resolved. When a judge sets bail at $1 million, for instance, even 10 percent of that is out of reach of most people.

A Long Journey

The defendant and his or her family feel enormous relief after receiving assistance from an organization such as. This may be just the beginning of a long journey, however. The person must decide whether to fight the charges or have a lawyer try to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. Cases can continue for quite some time, with court hearings that the defendant must attend.

Most men and women only need assistance from a bail bonding agency one time, since most do not become repeat offenders. If they did indeed commit the offense, they learn their lesson through the frightening process of being arrested and held in jail, trying to find a way out, and facing possible prison time. That’s more than enough for most people to stay on the right side of the law in the future.