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In Maryland, dog attacks occur for a variety of reasons. The events aren’t breed-specific and don’t involve pit bulls only. Pet owners are required to keep their dogs on their property and mitigate certain risks. Unfortunately, some attacks happen due to the fault of the victim. When starting a dog bite case with an accident lawyer in Glen Burnie, it is urgent to determine if the victim is indeed a victim.

How Is the Dog Reported?

The dog is reported to animal control in one of two ways. First, the victim has the option to contact the animal control officer directly. If not, the victim’s doctor will file the report after medical treatment is provided.

Seeking Medical Attention for Severe Injuries

Even if the victim’s injuries are minor, it is urgent that they undergo an examination. The medical records are presented to the court as evidence of the dog attack. The doctor creates an injury report in the medical file. Every injury is explained in detail and provide a direct link to the attack.

The Risk of Rabies

Any dog that wasn’t vaccinated by its owner is sent to a licensed vet for a quarantine period. A licensed vet completes the assessment for up to twelve days. If the dog shows any sign of rabies, then the vet informs the animal control officer. All animals that contracted the rabies virus are euthanized as there isn’t a cure for the virus. The pet owner must pay the full expense for all vet services provided.

The Outcome of the Case

If the victim wins their case, then the pet owner must provide damages. The victim receives economic damages for all their monetary losses, such as medical expense and any additional treatments required, and any lost wages are replaced. The judge might order tort-based awards for pain and suffering.

In Maryland, dog attacks produce serious injuries in some cases. The temperament of the dog is a defining attribute when establishing liability. Any previous history of an attack introduces strict liability for the dog owner. Victims of dog attacks can contact an accident lawyer in Glen Burnie through the Jaklitsch Law Group right now.