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When a person is arrested, he or she will often be required to remain in jail until the next court hearing. However, most courts allow a defendant to post bail to secure his or her release until the court date. In many cases, the defendant is unable to come up with the money for this purpose, and a bail bond will be needed. In the event the defendant cannot secure this bond without assistance, a loved one may be asked to step in and co-sign for the bond. This is referred to as a bail bond indemnitor, and a reputable Bail Bonding Co in Madison AL explains the responsibilities of the indemnitor.

What Is the Role of the Indemnitor?

The indemnitor agrees to take on the responsibility of ensuring the bail bond premiums are paid as agreed. These premiums won’t be refunded, as the bail agent uses them to pay his or her expenses and things of that nature. Furthermore, the co-signer becomes responsible for any additional expenses the agent takes on as part of the bail bond transaction. This may include payments for travel, phone calls, time spent on the matter, and more. Before undertaking this financial responsibility, the indemnitor needs to ensure he or she is confident the defendant will meet all terms of the bond.

When Does This Bond Expire?

What many individuals want to know is the term of the bail bond. In most cases, the bond is good for a period of one year. However, if the case is still ongoing, additional premiums must be paid yearly until the matter is resolved. When the defendant completes all required court appearances and the premiums have been paid as required, then and only then is the indemnitor released from his or her responsibilities. The exception to this is when the court exonerates the bail bond. When the bond is forfeited for any reason, the indemnitor becomes responsible for the full amount due along with any expenses or until the bond is exonerated. As this time, the bond is void.

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