Vital Factors To Discuss With A Car Accidents Lawyer Greeley, CO

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Lawyers

In Colorado, auto accidents contribute to serious injuries and fatalities. The circumstances of the accident determine what rights victims have. The cause of the accident is established by law enforcement officers who investigate the accident. A Car Accidents Lawyer Greeley CO helps victims seek compensation through a legal claim.

Did the Victim Commit Any Moving Violations?

Under state laws, any victim that committed a moving violation faces the comparative fault ruling. The ruling reduces the monetary award according to the percentage of fault applied by the judge. A percentage is added for each moving violation. If the percentage exceeds 50%, the victim doesn’t receive any damages.

Did the Victim Sustain Permanent Injuries?

A permanent injury offers a higher payout if the victim wins. Traumatic brain injuries, the loss of limb or organ function, and permanent disfigurements are the most prevailing permanent injuries. However, any disability that prevents the victim from working might increase the award.

Did the At-Fault Driver Have Insurance?

After the accident, the victim must obtain auto insurance details from the at-fault driver. The victim files a claim through the accountable driver’s insurance carrier. The claims adjuster determines how much the victim receives. Invoices for medical expenses and estimates for auto repair services are included in the claim. If the claim is approved, the insurer gives the victim a check for the full amount.

Did the At-Fault Driver Commit a Serious Crime?

At-fault drivers who commit a crime during the accident face criminal charges. If convicted, the driver must pay restitution to the victims. The most common crimes related to auto accidents are DUI, vehicular homicide, and vehicular manslaughter. Restitution doesn’t prevent the victim from seeking damages in a civil case.

In Colorado, auto accident cases are viable if the victim has a claim against the at-fault driver. Victims who contribute to the cause of the accident lose a portion of their damages. Some claimants lose their rights to compensation. Insurance claims are available if an at-fault driver has coverage. Victims who want to learn more about their rights can contact a Car Accidents Lawyer Greeley CO through Richard Blundell Law Offices or Visit website for more details right now.