Documents for an Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney in Granite City, IL

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Lawyers

As someone considers scheduling a consultation with a personal injury attorney in Granite City, IL, it helps to learn which documents to have on hand. The consultation might take place at the office, in which case this person can bring the documents along. If the first conversation is by phone, the individual can simply have everything nearby.

Paperwork to Include

The injured person can gather together everything that might have some relevance to the case. This would include medical records and receipts for medical expenses, as well as copies of police reports if any were made. If the person has needed to use taxicabs or other paid forms of transportation, receipts should be included for this as well. There may be other expenses that are relevant to the accident. Paying someone to watch the children or do housekeeping are examples.

A statement from the employer about lost wages while the person could not work should be made available to the personal injury attorney in Granite City, IL too. The lawyer will want to see any written correspondence from the insurance company, which may have arrived by postal mail or through email.

When Legal Representation Is Advisable

During the appointment with a law firm such as Becker, Schroader & Chapman, PC, the person will learn whether or not this case would benefit from professional legal representation. Not everyone needs a lawyer to manage their injury case.

For example, the insurance company may be offering a settlement that the injured person believes is too low, when it is completely reasonable. People sometimes hear about enormous settlements and court awards paid to injured plaintiffs. Although those cases get the most publicity, these situations are relatively rare. Personal injury lawyers more commonly represent clients when the insurer disputes the claim or offers a settlement than is much lower than the total for expenses connected with the incident.

Presenting the Evidence

An injury lawyer knows the most effective way to present the evidence to the insurance company and the language to use to achieve a favorable outcome. Anyone who is considering hiring legal representation may click here to get started.