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Putting an end to a marriage relationship is never an easy thing to go through. In the 1980s, Hollywood blockbuster films such as “Kramer v. Kramer” and “The War of the Roses” highlighted problematic relationships that ended up in chaotic divorce proceedings complete with courtroom theatrics, and this prompted the American tabloid media to report on celebrity divorces that were even more disastrous than those portrayed in the aforementioned movies.

Contested and litigated divorce proceedings have been clogging up the dockets of South Florida family court systems for years. Unfortunately, it is often at the court level when things start getting ugly, and this happens even when the assets of the marital property are not so valuable. Thankfully, this can all be avoided with dispute resolution in Miami, FL.

In 1998, the Florida Supreme Court ordered all family court systems to recommend mediation outside of the courtroom for all divorce cases. Since then,

dispute resolution in Miami, FL has become the most viable option for couples seeking to dissolve their marriage. In essence, mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps two or more people in a dispute reach an agreement. In dissolution of marriage cases, dispute resolution is a step-by-step process recommended by the court and managed by family law practitioners to resolve all divorce issues peacefully.

Most South Florida couples who go through dispute resolution instead of airing out their grievances in court are happy with the outcome. The process covers all aspects of divorce, from child custody to asset distribution and from educational decisions to the establishment of trusts. Without a doubt, this approach is not only more sensible but also more affordable than court litigation.