Seek Immediate Counsel For DUI Arrests and Accidents, Day or Night

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Lawyers

It is a bad day or night when you have misjudged the amount you drink and this mistake leads to a DUI arrest or accident. The law entitles everyone to the right to stop police and legal conversation until an attorney is there to protect a defendant’s due process and fair treatment.

Representation Delays Lead to More Mistakes

The first mistake was exercising the poor judgement to drink and drive. The next mistake is preventable. Do not let the shock of alcohol influence, accident trauma or law enforcement contact keep you talking. Never sign documents you don’t understand.

Good Lawyers Work Nights and Weekends

Arrests and accidents don’t follow a business hours schedule. You could dig yourself into deep holes if you wait until morning or Monday to try to find a lawyer.

Even in the middle of the night, operators can connect you to a DUI lawyer in Ponte Vedra that defendants trust for 60 years combined experience in nonjudgmental advocacy. 24-hour accessibility guarantees a DUI lawyer Ponte Vedra police and prosecutors deal with immediately.

Immediate Services From a Lawyer

The process moves fast for DUI cases. A defense attorney is aware of stringent procedures and rules. A local attorney with a specialty in the DUI criminal defense arena is familiar with regional court systems, statutes and sentencing patterns.

You gain their prior experience, knowledge and relationships when one becomes involved. If your mistake catches up with you at the crack of dawn, have a lawyer by your side before courtrooms open.