Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Lawyers

Individuals often wonder if they need to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Wilkes-Barre PA. The employer maintains an insurance policy to provide funds to workers when they are on the job, so it should be similar to getting a paycheck, right? The policy pays so the employer doesn’t have to when the person is unable to fulfill his or her duties. Sadly, this isn’t the way it works. Following are some signs an attorney should be contacted immediately.

The Claim is Denied

Workers comp claims get denied for a variety of reasons. If a claim has been denied, the employee needs to contact a lawyer right away to learn the reason for the denial and whether it is valid. Furthermore, the attorney can be of great help in explaining the steps the employee needs to take at this time to further pursue compensation for his or her injuries.

A Settlement is Offered

Insurance companies frequently offer a settlement in workers compensation cases. They do so to pay out less for the injuries sustained by the worker and this amount may not be enough to cover all associated treatment, lost wages, and more. An attorney works to ensure the compensation received is fair and the maximum amount allowed under the law.

Delayed Payments

An insurance company may approve a worker’s claim only to not make the scheduled payments. They delay the funds in the hope the employee will give up and discontinue the claim. It is simply another tactic used to pay out fewer funds. The attorney follows up with the insurer to make certain the payments are made promptly and the insurance company knows the worker has someone on his or her side to protect them just as the employer has the insurance company.

If you find you need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Wilkes-Barre PA, contact domain URL. The team assists individuals who have been injured on the job routinely and knows how best to prepare a case for the insurance company. With the help of the attorney, a person finds his or her claim is processed correctly and the fair compensation is obtained. Don’t ignore any of the above warning signs. Those who do so may find they don’t get the compensation they deserve. You can also visit them on their YouTube Channel.