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Criminal lawyers have an incredibly hard job. They must defend people that have evidence stacked against them, at times. You may think that this is something you would never need. Even common people, however, often find themselves in trouble. Even small crimes may bring you to court or jail. A criminal lawyer can help you improve the odds of winning the case or lowering your punishment.

Getting Help

By the time you realize you need a criminal lawyer, you may already be in jail. The court system should assign you a lawyer if you are placed in custody. You may prefer to use your own lawyer, however. You may have limited resources if you have been moved to the jail. Your family or friends can look up a criminal lawyer in Sioux Falls, SD. Once a lawyer is chosen, they can meet with you at the jail to discuss your dilemma.


There are different things that a criminal lawyer may suggest to you. They can tell you whether to plead guilty to the charges against you. You may not be able to avoid a punishment; however, a lawyer can often help to make it less severe. Your lawyer may meet with you and other people involved in the incident before the trial. This way your lawyer has a better understanding of the situation. You may need witnesses to help clear the charges or to make the jury more aware of what happened. Call Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law Office to get started with your case.

Most people do not set out to be a criminal. You may want to take back everything that went wrong. A lawyer can help you build a case to explain your behavior or help get the sentence lowered. Call for help as soon as you realize you are in serious trouble.