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If you or someone you know have experienced the unfortunate incident of being injured due to the fault of another, then you may have decided to speak with an injury attorney in Charleston SC. This is a good decision because these lawyers are very experienced with these types of situations, and are on your side to help you get the settlement you deserve. In order to make your consultation as successful and productive as possible, there are some things you can do beforehand to prepare for your meeting with your personal injury attorney in Charleston SC. Some of these things involve making sure you have the proper paperwork from the incident, paperwork from your doctor or anyone who has treated you, and a calendar that lists important dates in regards to your case.

When you are preparing for your consultation, there are several papers that you will want to bring to your lawyer. While the specific paperwork depends on your individual case, the kinds of papers you are going to want to include are thing such as police reports, accident reports, and any paperwork you have filed or received from your insurance company. It is very helpful for your personal injury attorney in Charleston SC to have these things upfront because if they have all the information from the beginning, they can help you much more than if they were to find out little pieces of information as they go. In addition, if you have seen a doctor, it is good to have any paperwork you have received from them at your consultation. It is especially important if your paperwork lists any diagnosis, treatments that need to be or have been performed, and prognosis of how long it will take for the injury to subside or heal.

On top of paperwork, it’s a good idea to have a calendar that lists the important events that have occurred. Some things to include on the calendar are things such as when your injury occurred, the dates you visited your doctor, when you have had physical therapy, dates when you have been contacted by the insurance company, and so on. Having a calendar right in front of you keeps you from being put under pressure of trying to remember specific dates. It may also be a good idea to include a list of things that you have been unable to do because of the injury or ways that the injury has changed your life. For more information visit Phipps Law Firm.