Getting Stopped in Fort Bragg, NC: What to Do After Being Accused of a DUI

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Lawyers

You were pulled over and are being accused of a DUI. You are scared, and it feels worse because you don’t know what to do besides calling a lawyer in Fort Bragg NC. Well, calling a lawyer is smart, but you also need to do the following. Record Everything The first thing you want to do is write down or record everything. You’d be surprised how many times a case is won because of a small detail. Write down when and where you were stopped. You want to record what the officer told you and what you did that provoked him to stop you. Jot down what the breath test device looked like if you were asked to take the test. Social Privacy It is important that you mark all social media accounts as private. Insurance companies and prosecutors are going to use your social media history against you. Any statement you make or picture you take could be used to discredit you. Find Witnesses You should look for witnesses who were around during the incident or someone who was on the phone with you during the stop. Having witnesses increases your credibility. Try to jot down statements or at least some contact information that your lawyer in Fort Bragg NC can use later on. Beaver Courie Attorneys at Law has more than 150 years of law experience that you can benefit from.