Fighting False Charges with the Help of Domestic Violence Attorneys in Murrieta

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Lawyers

Domestic violence is a serious problem and perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but what happens when a defendant is facing false charges? If a defendant is convicted on false charges, their life could be turned upside down. Fighting a false accusation can be very difficult, but a person can be successful if they follow the right guidelines.

The Consequences

Domestic violence attorneys in Murrieta know all about how serious the consequences can be if a person is convicted of domestic violence. They could end up in prison, lose their job, and be unable to purchase a firearm ever again. Years of training for a career can end up wasted if a person is convicted of the serious crime of domestic violence.

Fighting False Accusations

To successfully fight false charges, defendants must enlist the help of domestic violence attorneys in Murrieta. It’s important to follow throughout the whole process all the rules the court puts forth. For example, if there is a restraining order in place to protect the alleged victim, the defendant should follow it.

What Should a Defendant Avoid Doing?

After a defendant has visited the Law Office of Michelle Penna for help, they still might be tempted to contact the alleged victim. If the charges are false, they could think that it will be easy to get the alleged victim to change their story. However, contacting the person who has filed the charges can lead to more charges instead.

Useful Evidence

A person might have evidence that can help their case. For example, if a defendant has any witnesses that can contradict the accuser’s story, they need to be presented. Texts, emails, and voicemails might all help to prove a person’s innocence. Social media posts by the accuser might also help. An accuser might admit online that they made it all up.

Anyone who needs help with domestic violence charges can browse the website of a lawyer to get it. When consulting with a lawyer, a defendant in a domestic violence case should be as honest as possible so the lawyer can help them in the best possible way.