Avoid Probate with a Trusts Attorney in Yucaipa, CA

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Lawyers

One of the aspects of death that nobody enjoys discussing is what will happen after an individual is gone and their family is left to fend for itself. An individual can make sure the costly and timely delays can be seen when an individual does not prepare for the future and their estate passes into the hands of the probate court that can limit the amount of an estate that passes to a family. Alongside the limits placed on the possibility of probate court being an issue, a trusts attorney in Yucaipa, CA, can also assist with reducing the gift and estate taxes that must be paid.

Probate Court can be Avoided with Trusts

When an individual does not make the right choices before their death by not working with a legal expert they will find their estate passing into the hands of the probate court. When probate becomes a part of the inheritance process there can be a long period when a family is left without their inheritance while the estate is assessed by the local government. By looking at the work of a legal expert, trusts can be effectively established that will limit the chances of probate being an issue.

Taxes can be Lowered

Prior to their death, an individual often makes the mistake of gifting too much of their estate to their family members. This can result in gift and estate taxes piling up that will limit the amount of money an individual receives. Contact the Betty Auton-Beck Professional Law Corporation to learn more about the work of a trusts attorney in Yucaipa, CA.