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Winters in southern Wisconsin can be long and brutal. Winter weather is directly related to numerous vehicle accidents because of treacherous road conditions. Crashes can also happen when a driver doesn’t clear away snow and ice from the vehicle before getting behind the wheel. Anyone who has been in a collision because flying chunks of ice and snow hit the car may contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Kenosha WI for help.

Wisconsin State Law

An at-fault driver’s insurance company may dispute a claim about an accident that happened during bad weather, citing hazardous roads as the actual cause. The person who was injured should have a good chance at winning this case, however, because Wisconsin state law makes it illegal to drive without clearing ice and snow off the vehicle first. The driver can receive a hefty fine.

Visibility Issues

A major concern in this law is visibility for the driver. It’s too tempting to just scrape away a small area of ice from the front windshield and set out on the road. This makes driving dangerous because the person behind the wheel can’t see anything except what is visible through that little space.

Ice Missiles

Another problem occurs when a large amount of snow falls on a car, melts to a certain extent and then refreezes again. Even soft snow blowing from the roof and trunk of a car can be disruptive to the driver behind, but hard chunks of snow and ice flying at the windshield are exceptionally hazardous. Those pieces may be moving at 55 miles per hour or faster. They effectively become missiles that can damage other vehicles and cause the drivers of those vehicles to lose control.

Consulting a Lawyer

Although not taking time to clean off the car thorougly might be understandable, especially when someone is in a hurry to get somewhere, driving a car covered in snow and ice is inexcusable because of the inherent safety issues. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Kenosha WI represents clients who have been seriously affected by this behavior. Click Here to get started on a free consultation.